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About Us

Palmer Technology Solutions is an Abu Dhabi based leading information technology (IT) company offering enterprise wide SAP technology services. We are in strategic Our Clients technology partnership with Biz Technix a SAP services and Solutions Company.
The company is lead and driven by group of highly talented individuals, who comes from various parts in the world, and each of one them being highly qualified and brings with them decades of years of Business and IT consulting/solutions experience. Team at Palmer thoroughly understands their customer's unique business outcomes/requirements and provides tailor made IT solutions.
Palmer we simplify complex business/IT problem of our customers with innovative and cutting edge SAP solutions. We enable our customers to conquer their business goals with the help of well implemented SAP solutions. Palmer offers specialised consulting and implementation services in SAP technology space.
For the benefit of our esteemed customers, Palmer offers the industry best IT practices and procedures. We extend to customers, our partner company SAP expertise, global consultation experiences and learning's and experiences.
To its credit Palmer has got of many end-to-end SAP implementation and SAP support projects experience. We have experience in implementation of SAP Industry Specific solutions and SAP application packages like ECC/CRM/SEM/EHSM and BI.
We preach planning and so practice execution to follow it up. Let's share the excitement!!

What We Do

Implement SAP applications – Green field / Rollout/Upgrades.

Undertake SAP application maintenance service (AMS).

Undertake SAP enhancement services.

Conduct SAP application - unit and integration tests.

Data Migration Services - Collect/Cleanse data and Design/Develop migration tools.

Deliver time bound, high quality and cost effective SAP services.

We deliver solutions of vast importance to broad range of business customers in various industries.

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